“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night. Rage and rage at the dying light. This quote represents the achievements and struggles we have all experienced as humans. Interstellar depicted these feats of resistance against the cessation in survival. Christopher Nolan, the director and producer behind Interstellar premiered it in 2014. Interstellar is a science fiction film that was produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. It premiered in 2014. Interstellar imagines a future where key survival sources are disappearing due to global crop blights and a Dust Bowl-like situation that is making the planet uninhabitable. To stop this from happening, a father-daughter pair with a unique connection use their ‘love’ to communicate and save Earth. Interstellar is a film that explores love through the main characters Coop & Murph’s attempts to save Earth. The “Lazarus Mission”, a biblical allusion, is used to illustrate how Lazarus’ story and Coop’s mission are connected. Two crucial symbols, however, show two different sides of humanity and the world. Coop’s Watch embodies the idea that a father’s bond with his daughter is indestructible. Sandstorms represent a world in which the end is near and day to day tasks are impossible.

The film uses Coop’s symbol to make viewers think about the importance of love for humanity. Interstellar uses the watch to show how important it is for the storyline. The watch is introduced in the film when Coop and Murph exchange watches during their emotional goodbye. The special gift that Coop gives to Murph symbolizes their shared connection through time. It is displayed in the closing scenes. Murph has left the watch in her room for years. It represents her desire to be far from her father’s painful memory. When she returns to her bedroom, she realizes her father is speaking to her through the watch. Cooper uses the watch symbolically to connect with his daughter. Coop’s watch is used to explore the idea that a father-daughter bond cannot be destroyed.

Interstellar uses many symbols to illustrate the idea that our world is facing an environmental collapse. The scenes that show sandstorms provide a major visual representation. These sandstorms result from a global pestilence that causes the destruction of crops and a major survival issue for Earth’s people. In many scenes in Interstellar, sandstorms serve as a symbol. A sandstorm interrupts a baseball game that Cop and his family were watching and alters their normal schedule. Coop’s wife and children are also packing gear (gas masks etc.) in their car as they flee the sandstorm. The sandstorms seem to be a regular occurrence in the area. This suggests that the world is ending and the basic activities can no longer take place.

Interstellar director attaches a deeper message to Jesus Christ by referencing the Bible. The film does not have the same hope as Christians who hope that miracles will happen. Instead, it hopes for humanity to be saved by science. Twelve astronauts are sent on the Lazarus Mission, who are portrayed as Apostles. Cooper, who is trying to prevent the planet from going extinct, is represented by Jesus Christ. Cooper’resurrects’ Dr. Mann, which is represented by Lazarus. Dr. Mann betrays Cooper (Jesus). Cooper sacrifices his life to save humanity. Cooper (Jesus), resurrected, is brought to life again in a medical bed. Cooper (Jesus), in addition, keeps repeating ‘I’ll return’ to the children he loves, which may represent Jesus’ love, generosity, and willingness to sacrifice himself as the savior of his family. Interstellar could inspire complex thoughts about the way it merges two distinct realities to create a singular idea.

Coop’s watch, sandstorms, Lazarus missions, all play a major role in Interstellar. Christopher Nolan uses them all in different ways, unintentionally, to give viewers a deeper understanding of the movie and its symbols. This allows the audience to form complex thoughts about the world that they are living in. Coop’s wristwatch created the notion of an indestructible bond between Murph (Coop) and Murph. The sandstorm also creates the impression that their world is closing and they can no longer accomplish day-to-day activities. The Lazarus missions, when compared to the two symbols, create a different perspective and a complex idea about how Lazarus’ story is interconnected with Interstellar. Christopher Nolan brought forward these ideas through the use of allusions and symbols, which he then turned into a powerful message.


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