Fox Searchlight Pictures created the film Bend it Like Beckham in 2002. Gurinderchadha directed this film. Gurinder Chadha is not known for her work in major films, but she directed the movie The Bride and Prejudice. Gurinder is of Indian descent and Bend it Like Beckham has been influenced by that heritage. The film BILB has many interesting actors. Parminder Naga plays Jessminda Jessa (Jess), the main protagonist who had a passion in soccer. Keira knightley plays Julliette Jess’s friend. The movie is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. You can either watch it with your family members or by yourself. This movie runs 112 minutes so make sure to give yourself enough time.

I saw Bend it Like Beckham for the first and only time. It’s easy to grasp the various themes and storylines. It’s also educational. You will see how different stereotypes impact different families and individuals. The movie has many themes. The film’s main theme is about two young, brave women who fight for the sport they love (soccer). Their journey was not without its challenges. Both the girls overcome the stereotypical view that soccer was a male sport. The film showed us two very distinct cultures. Jess is a Indian girl. Her parents wanted Jess to have an Indian life. Jess gets married to an Indian husband and handles all the cleaning, cooking and washing. Jess didn’t want this life. Jess would rather be playing the game that she loves. Jess’ Indian culture and family was what kept her from doing the things she enjoyed. I enjoyed the movie. The storyline is simple and interesting. I loved how the two girls were able play for semi-professional soccer. I enjoyed the storyline and was always interested to see what would happen next. A few people agreed with me that the storyline was interesting and keeps you guessing. It is easy to follow the plot

Jess is the protagonist and the main character of the film. She is frequently mentioned in the film. They are second in popularity behind Joe and Jules. Parminder Nagra plays Jess well, as she is of Indian descent. The actors played their roles well. Each actor did a wonderful job portraying their characters. Jess was a convincing main character. I felt like she actually wanted soccer. With her parents supporting her, conflict is important as it makes the movie more interesting and adds to it. Joe Jess plays the role of Joe’s soccer coach. He is convincing and supports Jess as she tries to become a good soccer player. Joe was a likable character throughout the film.

My personal opinion on BILB is positive. The film has a compelling story and makes the film more entertaining. I also think that challenging the idea that females shouldn’t play football is important. The film’s negative points include the predictable plotline and the easy-to-follow moments. Another thing I wasn’t a fan of was the romance used in the film. This didn’t help Bend it Like Beckham’s storyline. Jess’s dialogue and acting between her parents was a strong point. It was so real that I felt sorry for Jess.

The film’s main message was acceptance of people as they are. This was demonstrated by Jess’ parents refusing to let her play soccer, even though this is what she wants to do in her life. The film was full of twists, turns and misunderstandings that interrupted the message. However, it was clearly shown from the beginning. I enjoyed BILB. It would be a good film for anyone who likes soccer and doesn’t mind average acting.

I believe that younger audiences would enjoy BILB if there were no scenes for children younger than 13, or any violence or swearing. It would appeal to a range of ages, from 11-13 years olds. Younger viewers might not enjoy the film as much. MPAA has rated the movie PG. It isn’t too violent, but it doesn’t scare younger children. Bend it Like Beckham – A strong film I recommend to viewers who love soccer. The movie is easy to watch and doesn’t demand your entire attention.


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