Unearned benefits given to white people due to their skin color.

Macklemore’s eight-minute “White Privilege” song is a reflection of a different perspective on Black Lives Matter. Most often, the voices of African Americans are heard when talking about the movement. This work, however, presents Macklemore’s view. A variety of timbres, dynamics, and tones draw the listener in, as well as educating them about the cause, the unjust motives for supporting the cause, cultural appropriation, and other issues. Macklemore effortlessly expresses the views of the entire movement in an original and brilliantly melodic style.

Black Lives Matter, an international activist group that fights against violence against black people, is called Black Lives Matter. Many african Americans have been unjustly murdered by corrupt white police officers. “White Privilege,” a chanting sound similar to gregorian singing, starts. The chant helps to integrate society by unifying the activists. This chant unites the activists and contributes to the integration of society. Macklemore is a good explanation of his role as a white man in the movement through the lyrics. Although he is an active participant in the cause, he feels that others are only supporting their self-interest. The song says, “You can march, protest, shout, and shout. Use the hashtag #Twitter to appear down. People now believe that you are real, they can see through everything. You declared publicly that Mike Brown would rest in peace. Do you want freedom or are you just doing it for the convenience? To be liked by others, you must be accepted. “That’s probably why your out here protesting.” The chorus is composed of only the voices and instruments of the chanters. The timbre switch to piano during this verse. The timbre toggle gives you the option to have a more contemplative and solemn experience. The minor mode is the most common, and it can also be used to express sadness or disappointment. I’ve seen many people commit the same acts Macklemore explains. Black Lives Matter has received many posts from people from my high schools. Their knowledge is not extensive.

Cultural appropriation involves the dominant group exploiting culture from less privileged groups. This idea is explained by Macklemore in a clear and real way. Macklemore says, for instance, that “You have taken the music, time, magic, passion, fashion and you play with it.” You were never allowed to improve the culture. You’re Miley, you’re Elvis, you’re Iggy Azalea. You’re so fake and plastic that you can no longer believe the magic. You have taken all the music and accents you rapped in… All the money you earned. All that diluted pop bullshit culture, pal. Buy a big-ass grass lawn and take your big-ass home with you. Macklemore explained that white artists are often inspired by black music. This is not the right motivation, as white artists make a lot of money off their “glamorized” black culture. Black culture does not get any credit. Macklemore’s lyrics demonstrate the seriousness, passion, and intensity of this subject. The verse’s beginning begins at a low volume. At the end of the verse, however, he begins to speak with a soft volume. His voice rises dramatically. Dynamics really hit the audience hard and intensifies what is being said.

When I first heard the words “White Privilege”, I was completely transformed. I was immediately interested in the movement and attempted to learn more. It was a cause I am passionate about and it made me realize that I couldn’t not get involved. No matter what color we have, we all are human. This is what Macklemore wants to show in this song. We should not take from one another, but work together to end violence. The song addresses almost all aspects of the subject and educates listeners about racism’s roots.