An evaluation by an independent body has exposed evidence of entrenched racism within the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The analysis noted that the institution’s colonial history continues to have a negative impact on students and staff who identify as people of color. Despite higher proportion of staff members from diverse backgrounds than the British academic sector average, under-representation in senior posts, lower promotional prospects, and a greater likelihood of having short-term or fixed-term contracts remain an issue. In recent years, LSHTM has played an important role in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic globally, and one of its alumni is the current Chief Medical Officer for England, Chris Whitty. Nevertheless, the review published on Monday revealed that the environment within the LSHTM still disadvantages non-white individuals, the curriculum is predominantly Eurocentric, and the leadership has been sluggish in reconciling issues related to colonialism and racism. Students and staff from diverse backgrounds have experienced unsupportive attitudes toward racist experiences, along with a lack of equitable opportunities. The report also notes that senior staff behaviour has gone unanticipated due to their influence within the institution. The council of the university established the review to evaluate issues of racism and inequality at the school following worries expressed by students and faculty, as well as in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. LSHTM’s colonial origins date back to the UK Government’s colonial office, and the assessment emphasises that current accomplishments in global health and research owe their origins to the institution’s stance during colonialism.

The governments of the UK and the European Union (EU) are expected to clash over new rules on financial services that will be introduced by Brussels on 26 June in the absence of equivalence judgments. According to the Financial Times, the EU has granted around 30 equivalence judgements for UK-based entities since Brexit, and negotiators fear further decision-making will now be slowed down, particularly after the freezing of an MoU between the UK and the EU on 26 March. This will likely cause stock exchanges to operate under different regulations, thereby raising costs for investors and increasing market risk. Moreover, UK-based firms that provide services in the EU are set to be impacted.


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