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Arguments for the Powers

Arguments against Powers

In conclusion,

Black magic is responsible for many supernatural phenomena seen in the African lives. This power is reserved for blacks and appears to only affect them. Some magic powers can be used to discipline offenders and others to inflict harm on innocent people. This magic is not possible for everyone. Only a few people can perform this magic. Blacks revere magical powers and are afraid of them. Arguments in Support of the PowersMagical power among Africans, as well as other superstitions performed by them, are all suitable for their existence. They can use black magic to combat the evils they face. Black magic is a great way to punish thieves and murderers in Africa. Black magic has served as an African justice system since long (Salaam.2002). Black magic has made it so that the number of criminals has been kept to a minimum. Its legitimacy comes from the fact that all Africans accept, recognize, and approve of the art. Black magic can also be used to address natural disasters such as drought or famine. Black magic is used by Africans to solve and even reverse the bad situations they are often placed in by nature. Black magic can be used to summon rain or avert drought. Black magic is something that has been beyond ordinary people’s comprehension. For instance, they can direct lightning to divide the land in a fair way. In the case of a serious illness, the people will also give their allegiance and recognize the magicians. Black magic’s capabilities are limitless. Black Magic can provide treatment for almost any disease. Traditional healers and herbalists recognize the magic of magicians in treating illnesses. The magicians are recommended for treatment of any difficult cases beyond their capabilities.

Arguments Against the PowersBlack Magic is often used to harm innocent people. Black magic is often used to exact revenge or punish others. These magicians are now able to make a living by commercializing their services due to the frequency with which they are sought after. Cone artists, who are also motivated by money, have also gotten involved in the field to exploit innocent people. Black magicians are also going against what people had expected. They may even deliberately cause harm to people by using sorcery or witchcraft. This practice is not recognized by Christianity or other religions. This makes it less acceptable in modern society.

ConclusionBlack magic remains a viable option in most African countries. This magic is still used in many areas of Africa to solve daily problems. Black magic is used to solve superstitious as well as real-life problems, such as land and property issues. This art has no limits. Although it has been criticized by many contemporaneous, its utility is obvious. This is why Black Renaissance’s author is able to support the thesis statement.